Images of California oaks and oak woodlands, and images from California's Central Coast.  These are colored images, created from black-and-white and color photographs with additional color added by hand.  Images are printed on paper and canvas. Valley oak silhouette, Santa Lucia rangeCoast live oak, silhouette, twilight, Santa Lucia RangeBlue oak in fog, study 23, Santa Lucia RangeBlue oak silhouette, Diablo rangeSur Coast with fog, from Nacimiento Road, Calif. Valley oak in oak woodlands, Diablo range, CaliforniaCoast Live oak grove, back lit, Santa Lucia rangeValley oaks and hills with fence, study 12, Santa Lucia rangeBeacon oak from distant hill, afternoon lightRobinson Canyon Road, afternoon light, Carmel Valley, CAMonterey pines in fog, study 3Monterey pines in fog, study 1Sur Coast, low hanging fog, study 4, Calif. Summer hills and shadows, Carmel Valley, Calif.Point Sur from Hwy. 1, sunset, Calif. Turtle rock, Sur Coast, Calif. Sur Coast sunset over waterRanch road, Vasquez ridges, afternoon light, Carmel Valley, CAChapparal covered hills, Carmel ValleyTrees in fog, Long Ridge trail Ranch fence and summer grass, study 3Summer grass, Santa Lucia hills, Calif. Three fence posts, Carmel Valley, CARanch fence study 4, Santa Lucia Preserve, CARanch Road and oak savannah, Carmel Valley, CAOak snag and hills, Carmel Valley, CAOak in fog, study 1, Santa Lucia foothills, Carmel Valley, CALittle Sur River, Sur CoastPine forest in fog, Monterey, CALeaning cypress, Point Lobos, CAOak and fresh cut grass, Carmel Valley, CAOak on hill, afternoon light, Santa Lucia Preserve, CAHills and shadows, study 1, Priest Valley, CABeacon oak study 10, Santa Lucia Preserve, CACypress forest, Point Lobos, CABeacon oak study 11, summer, Santa Lucia rangeBeacon oak, Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel Valley, CAValley oak on hill, afternoon light, Santa Lucia rangeValley oak, afternoon light oak woodlands, Diablo rangeCoast live oak and moon, Santa Lucia rangeOak limbs and grazing deer, twilight, Santa Lucia RangeBlue Oak hilltop, summer light, Santa Lucia RangeValley oak savannah, afternoon light, Santa Lucia RangeBlue oak in fog, study 1, Santa Lucia RangeBlue oak study 15, Santa Lucia RangeBlue oak study, summer light, Santa Lucia RangeOaks and poison oak leaves in fog, Santa Lucia PreserveValley and blue oak savannah, afternoon light, Santa Lucia RangeWest row of quarters and oak limbs, cabin #1Oak and grazing deerGarapatta clouds, study 1Oak Grove trail, Big Sur, study 1Valley Oak and mountain range, near Paso Robles, CAMonterrey pines in fog, study 4Interior live oak, Santa Lucia Preserve, CA