The older I get, the more I see the world around me in brush strokes, in washes of color and tonalities rather than sharp detail. I enjoy the freedom of abstracting my photographs. It's freer, less restrictive, and leaves more to my imagination when creating. The work begins with either film or digital images (definitely photographs). Then, through a process of layering, distorting, coloring, painting, and varnishing, I create the final prints on canvas. I believe the finished print is what's important - the end result of a photographer's exploration of an idea or feeling about a place or thing. How one gets there is the artist's personal journey.  Images in this series are limited to 10.  Each is different from the next. Medano Creek, Sunset - Great Sand Dunes National Monument, ColoradoAspen trees in forest, north rim of Grand Canyon, AZChurch abstract study 4, NMCottonwood Tree, near Ojo Caliente, NMColumbus OakShiprock and volcanic ridges, NMEast Mitten, Monument Valley, UTChurch Window, St. Francis de Assis Church, Rancho de Taos