The images in this portfolio are black-and-white photographs made over the past 3 decades, primarily with film cameras and digital infrared cameras. 

Evergreen is one of the most intact 19th century plantation complex remaining in Louisiana. Located on state Highway 18 on the west bank of the Mississippi River above New Orleans, the grounds contain 37 buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the main house, guest house, garconnieres, pigeonniers, kitchen, a classical revival designed privy, and twenty-two slave cabins.
Evergreen Plantation new alley, center view from gatePrivy and oak, Evergreen Plantation, infrared black-and-white imageQuarters alley from gate entrance, Infrared study, 3/17Old alley, afternoon light, panoramic viewEvergreen Plantation old allee' in fogEvergreen Plantation new alley, view of alley from gateEvergreen Plantation, new alley, center view, verticalReceeding rectangles, infrared image, Homage to CJ Laughlin