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Quarters alley, from inside of fence toward cabinsCottage oak, near overseer's house, Evergreen PlantationFence and arched limbs, east row of Quarters alley, EvergreenQuarters alley, view from mid alley toward River, EvergreenCabin and spread of oak branches, west rowView of two cabins and oaks, east row of alley looking north#1 cabin, east row with oak, Evergreen PlantationOak limbs and afternoon light through moss, EvergreenOak stump and east row of Quarters alleyDancing oak, west row of Quarters AlleyCabins with overarching oaks, mid-row, east side of alley West row of Quarters alley, view from inside of fenceClarence's rectangles, Quarters east row Quarters alley, center view including fenceSugar kettle #1, east row of Quarters alleyOak damaged by lightning, west row of Quarters alleySugar kettle study 2, east row of Quarters alleyTwo oaks and barn, Felicity PlantationArch of oaks and west row of cabinsFanned oak branches in Jane's quiet grove, EvergreenQuarters alley, center view with fenceQuarters alley, center view, inside of fenceSingle oak in alley near tractor barn Oak and swing, near Jane's groveWest row of Quarters alley with fence